Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities are the flaws/weaknesses in IT and OT systems that can leave the system susceptible to an attack. Despite security controls being in place, identification of new vulnerabilities always pose a threat to any organisation. Every day, new vulnerabilities are discovered. This triggers a need for assessing vulnerabilities at defined intervals.

When organisations execute a vulnerability scan, large numbers of vulnerabilities are reported by the scanner. Due to lack of resources and time most of the organisations fail to remediate high volumes of vulnerabilities and achieve their required level of risk and compliance. The vulnerabilities posing a high risk to the business are buried in the numerous vulnerabilities identified and may not get remediated in a timely manner.

Securemation has come up with a unique risk-based approach to deal with high volumes of vulnerabilities. We relate each vulnerability to the business context and enable the organisations to focus on the top risk vulnerabilities. This ensures that organisation can achieve their desired levels of risk and compliance with reduced efforts. Our approach can result in up-to 80% reduction of time, effort and cost.

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