Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA)

Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA)

Securemation’s TRA ventures into the dark web, the clandestine marketplace where stolen credentials and compromised data are traded. Our skilled experts will tirelessly search for any trace of your organization's information, assets, or user credentials that may have fallen into the wrong hands. We will scan your network, workstations, servers, laptops, phones, printers, TVs, and other network components to look for vulnerabilities that can be easily compromised to attack your organisation. We'll analyse your cloud infrastructure and application security to detect critical security issues that could jeopardize your business. We will look at your software development environment and identify any core risks in your software build (CI) and software release (CD) pipelines.

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Securemation, the leading security advisor, takes a systematic approach to safeguarding your business from security risks. We understand that aligning cyber security risk management strategies with your business objectives is crucial. That’s why we perform comprehensive TRA tailored to your environment, identifying the risks that matter most.

Our dedicated team prioritizes these risks and crafts effective and financially viable strategies to mitigate them. We put our customers at the centre of our approach, ensuring timely and budget-friendly delivery of the right security solutions.

With certified professionals boasting over 30 years of experience in the field of Cyber Security, we provide specialized services tailored to meet the unique needs of any business. Trust Securemation to be your partner in securing your organization’s future.

Cyber security risk assessment is the single most important cyber security activity that every organisation must perform. Ultimately, a comprehensive TRA empowers you to make informed decisions about your cyber security strategy, allocate resources effectively, and protect your organization from potential threats.

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