Security Operations Center (SOC)

We provide your business with cost effective 8×5 or 24×7 continuous security monitoring and incident response services.  We also provide a Vulnerability Management Service, as well as Penetration Testing services for your network and custom web applications.

Securemation with its team of experienced professionals will help your organisation stay safe by identifying threats and remediation activities early.  We will also identify breaches early hence  minimising impacts to your business.

Our Method

Rapid7 is a leading cyber security solutions provider, on a mission to make successful security tools and practices accessible to all. Rapid7 Insight Platform technology, expert services, and thought-leading research enables over 9,000 customers to improve their security programs so that they can safely advance and innovate.

Rapid7 InsightIDR

Rapid7 Incident Detection and Response(IDR) is designed to enable organisations to rapidly detect and respond to cyber security incidents and breaches across physical, virtual and cloud assets. Equipped with User Behavior Analytics (UBA), Attacker Behavior Analytics (ABA), End-point Detection and Response (EDR), and Deception technology, our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is designed to provide comprehensive network visibility and accelerate threat investigation and response.

Rapid7 InsightVM

Rapid7 Vulnerability Risk (VRM) provides clarity into risk across traditional and modern IT environments, and the capabilities & data to influence remediation teams and track progress. With built-in risk prioritization, IT-integrated remediation projects, tracking of goals and service level agreements, and pre-built automation workflows, our solutions are designed to not just enumerate risk, but also accelerate risk mitigation.

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