Security Awareness and Training

Securemation enables organisations to take on the role of an attacker (phishing simulation) and identify gaps in both the technical infrastructure and security awareness and resolve them through a comprehensive e-learning program. Studies show 90% of data breaches are caused by human error. Eventually, security is a people problem.

  • ⦿  Employee Testing
  • ⦿  Employee Training
  • ⦿  Progress Measurement
  • ⦿  Employee Integration
  • ⦿  Learning Management System (LMS)

Security Awareness.

Human Shield allows organisations to measure and improve employee performance.

Attack Simulation.

Different types of simulated attacks like portable media attacks, smishing, hyper link attacks, file attacks etc. 

Employee Training.

Interactive web based training modules on different security topics (videos, tests, games, quizzes etc.)

Engage Employees.

Turning your employees into human firewalls. Creating a security conscious workplace culture.

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