Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Uncover the weaknesses of your IT/OT assets with our cutting-edge penetration testing services. Our dedicated team of experts assess your IT and OT systems using a pragmatic risk-based approach to unveiling vulnerabilities that can have serious consequences to your business. Our scope includes pre-engagement interactions, sophisticated threat modelling, comprehensive vulnerability analysis, and non-destructive exploitation methods. Typical targets include OT management systems, web and mobile applications, networks, and servers.

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While others simply scratch the surface, we dive deep into your corporate risk management matrix, quantifying business risk to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the threats you face. Say goodbye to generic automated testing and the limitations of the OWASP Top 10. Our pragmatic approach uncovers those elusive vulnerabilities that can’t be identified by machines alone.

Our reports are not just about technical risks; they embrace the bigger picture. We invest the time and effort to truly comprehend your unique business processes, allowing us to craft tailor-made manual attacks that simulate real-world threats. While automation has its place, we believe in the power of human expertise. Our skilled team manually conducts the bulk of our testing.

Are your servers, web applications, mobile applications, networks, and other valuable assets vulnerable to attackers? Our pen testing service is designed to meticulously uncover vulnerabilities that could compromise the information assets your business relies on the most. Our experts invest their time and expertise in thoroughly assessing your business-critical information assets, identifying serious vulnerabilities.

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