ISMS Design & Implementation

ISMS Design & Implementation

An ISMS (Information Security Management System) is a systematic approach based on ISO 27001 to manage sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It encompasses people, processes, and IT systems. Securemation can help you implement an ISMS that is tailored to your organisation’s needs. We can also help you maintain the system and ensure that it remains up to date with the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.

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Security requirements are different in every situation. The staff, processes, location, assets, etc. may vary from one business unit to another within the same organisation. These variations create a unique environment that will therefore have unique risks, threats, and procedures to manage. However, standardised processes can be utilised to achieve the desired outcomes.  The Securemation approach is to develop an optimal and customised ISMS. This involves starting with creating a solid foundation and understanding the current state of the systems, information assets, processes, risks, and controls needed by the organisation and each of its business units.

ISMS service is useful for any organisation that handles sensitive information such as customer data, financial information, and intellectual property. This includes businesses of all sizes and industries. By implementing a right-sized ISMS, you can demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you take data security seriously. This can help you build trust and credibility with your customers and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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