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Securemation has partnered with CisoZen to deliver the full range of cyber security services to our customers. CisoZen shares the vision of securing Australian businesses without affordability being an obstacle. Both companies complement each other in perfect harmony to ensure swift delivery of high-quality and affordable cyber security services.

CisoZen provides a low-cost model for consuming cyber security professional services from Securemation. A paid CisoZen subscription will provide your organisation with 10 days of any cyber security service you may require at about 66% discount off the standard industry rate. However, CisoZen is also free to use for all self-service capabilities for all organisations.

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Case Study

Explore case study and see how our expertise can empower your organization to thrive in today's dynamic market.

Securemation’s expertise in cyber security has helped a government agency transition their on-premises application to a cloud environment with ease. With thousands of users across the state impacted by this transition, Securemation provided support for the security and enterprise architecture front of the program. Securemation also ran all cyber security daily activities like Threat and Risk Assessments (TRA), security controls implementation, identity assessments, privacy assessments, DevSecOps, internal pen testing and incident response.
Securemation ensured that this program was delivered successfully with the appropriate security in place. Our team worked closely with the government agency to ensure that all aspects of the program were secure and compliant with industry standards. We are proud to have been part of this program and look forward to providing our expert cyber security services to more government agencies in the future.

Securemation played a key role (Solution Architecture and Security Architecture) in the whole-of-government initiative to centralise the identity broker across agencies and enable data sharing across them. The project outcome was to facilitate the data flow between agencies and enhance the user experience across different government applications. Our unwavering commitment to safeguarding sensitive information has been pivotal in ensuring the success of this ground-breaking project. We secured Identities, Graph APIs, and Applications, fortifying them against sophisticated threats. By seamlessly integrating robust security measures, we have bolstered data security while delivering an unmatched user experience across the government application.

With our pragmatic and forward-thinking approach, Securemation has deftly balanced the need for ironclad security with the imperative to deliver tangible business value. By prioritising critical threats and fostering a collaborative environment, our expert teams have worked tirelessly to bring this transformative initiative to fruition.

Securemation conducted a rigorous penetration testing exercise designed to ensure seamless compliance with the standards of the financial industry. Through our unique approach, which emphasises a comprehensive understanding of your business values, requirements, and mission, we were able to pinpoint and meticulously test the critical areas of the application.

While the recent revision of OWASP top 10 has only just recognised the pivotal importance of business logic in penetration testing, Securemation has been prioritising this crucial aspect for over a decade. Our seasoned team of cyber security experts boasts an impressive array of skills that enable us to think outside the box and deliver a highly focused, business-oriented pen testing service, complete with a comprehensively detailed report.

Thanks to our diligent efforts, the client gained invaluable insights into critical threats within their application, empowering them to proactively mitigate risks and avert potentially devastating cyber security incidents.

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