Cyber Security Management: Best Practices for Australian Organisations

Introduction Technology is evolving, and so are cybercrimes, making it necessary for organisations to proactively build a defence mechanism against cyber threats to protect their digital assets.  Australian organisations are facing a rising number of cyber threats ranging from financial attacks to data hacking. Now, protecting sensitive information has become more essential than ever, and […]

The Importance of Cyber Security in Protecting Australian Enterprises

In an era where data is the new gold and technology is the backbone of businesses, the importance of cyber security in safeguarding Australian enterprises cannot be overstated.  Cyber threats pose a business risk that can have catastrophic consequences on your operations, reputation, and bottom line. Securemation understands the unique challenges faced by Australian enterprises […]

A dummy sitting on a chair and implementing zero trust framework in cyber security on a laptop.

Cyber Security in Mining Industry: Risk and Challenges

The industry has undergone significant digital transformation in recent years. New technologies like automation, data analytics, IoT sensors and cloud computing have led to greater efficiency and productivity. However, this increasing digitalisation also expands the cyber attack surface. As companies increasingly depend on connected technologies to manage their operations, we understand that cybersecurity in the […]

Security by Design Principles: How They Shape Australian Cyber Security

Secure by Design is a set of principles and practices that emphasise incorporating security measures and considerations into the foundation of a system’s design and architecture. This approach minimises vulnerabilities, threats and risks before creating the system rather than trying to patch security issues later on. In today’s digital age, where businesses, governments, and individuals […]